Thursday, 9 May 2013

Polish soldiers in movie

In January 1940 there were only two newsreels where Polish soldiers were visible in Polish uniform.
Journal de Guerre, nr. 15. , 13 Jan 1940.

Magyar világhíradó (Hungarian World Newsreel), nr. 829., Jan 1940.

Before 1940 there was made a setting of  the Chief Commander of the Polish Army, Edward Rydz-Smigly, which became known from  another movie  in 1941.

Edward Rydz-Smigly  receives child from the recently rejoined Zaolzie in Warsaw. In the background the  Saxonian Palace.  Polska Agenczyja Telegraficzna weekly newsreel.

May 1939. 

Edward Rydz-Smigly's figure in the movie Heimkehr in a fictive newsreel, which was edited cynically based on the pictures of the Polish Independence jubilee events.

While the  Heimkehr  was spotted, the Marshal - who had the number one in the toplist of the Secret State Police - hided himself in Budapest, Boulevard Margit.

  Bld. Margit nr. 4.

Bld. Margit nr 6.

The Marshal was hided under nr 6 - based on the film about him . But why is the Polish flag visible under nr. 4?

Let see samples of the Soviet cynism German newsreel. In some pictures of the movie Liberation Polish POWs are visible...


The last picture is :
It is hopefully known that the fate of these Polish soldiers, policemen can be described with only one word:
The German newsreel makes an interview with a Polish POW.

What was told to you about us?

There is big poverty in Germany,
nothing to eat ...

We defend Poland but what can
we do as we are jobless.

Are there many jobless people?

No one of us have job.
We earned 80 Pfennings per day.

Are you going to the war gladly?

No !

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